Laura has been passionately pursuing and exploring a healthy lifestyle since her teens.  Her love for the outdoors led her to attend college in Colorado, and afterwards, live throughout the mountainous regions of Colorado and several beach towns in Southern California.
Laura enjoys spending her free time creating and exploring healthy food while writing about compassionate living.  She can be found hiking hills and walking parks at sunset with her dog, Chai.  
Laura is also a wander luster, musical muse, tireless animal-advocate, clever cyclist, fashionable artist, and a naturally bendy yogini.  She's dabbled in yoga teacher training, massage therapy, nutrition, and interior design coursework (in addition to her B.A. in education and psychology).  Laura also has certification as an ecological real estate broker for healthy homes.
Over the years, many of Laura's efforts through Green Dream Living have been purely pro-bono.  However, your thoughtful donations and social sharing of her posts contribute to growing Green Dream Living's intention for awakening global health, healing, and compassion for all beings.  

*All posts and pictures are protected by copyright, thank you for your respect.

Laura & Chai