Laura's living experiences in beautiful, natural settings have given her endless outdoor adventures and taught her a deeper appreciation for the environment.  Her love of learning and open-mindedness has brought her a wealth of diverse educational experiences throughout a variety of fields.  Laura also has a passion for working with communities and enjoys being an advocate for those without a voice or who don't have the courage or strength yet to use it.

Laura has enjoyed facilitating learning and growth towards healthier lifestyles and a more environmentally-conscious community.  Since 2006, Laura’s been coordinating monthly gathering events for socializing environmentalists. She was the first Realtor to present to her Association of Realtors on the concept of green real estate and has been featured at community events, conferences, seminars, and meetings as a presenter on a variety of lifestyle topics. She was the creator and hostess of her city's (and region of the country) first, real estate biking tours. As a volunteer coordinator, Laura helped to facilitate a green building group's construction of 3 energy star homes in tornado-devastated Greensburg, KS.  She was also hand-selected to serve on one of the Mayor's committees in her present city. 

Her enjoyment of writing can be found throughout Green Dream Living's endeavors as well as several blogs, a real estate column, other on-line journals, and animal welfare projects.  Laura's artistic side can be discovered at an occasional gallery, wine event, or fashion show while showcasing one of her eco-friendly jewelry lines. 

Laura is currently the sole communicator of Green Dream Living.  She's always seeking new inspiration, adventure, and sparkling green, healthy endeavors to create or share with others.  You can reach her through this contact page.